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The Best Poker School Online is run by It is a credible online poker site, and has expert views from Mike Caro, Lou Krieger, Daniel Negreanu and Jennifer Harmon.

The best Poker School Online is well laid out, includes articles and tests. But more significantly has ongoing poker tournament competitions and online poker scholarships. Poker School Online has a promotion called The Big One and features over $100,000 worth of sponsorship awards to its members.

I can personally recommend this programme. The monthly fee of $14.95 gets you tonns of free online poker advice and will save you a small fortune in the long run.

Here are some of the Poker School Online highlights

$2,000 in online poker scholarships available monthly to the top 3 finishers, in each of the eight ‘Monthly Sponsorship Leagues’.

Members have won over 1 MILLION DOLLARS in prize money to date!

“ I turned $14.95 into $575,000 with my 8th place finish at the 2004 WSOP Main Event!”
-Mathias Andersson

Privileged material from some of the top poker authorities - Lou Krieger, Barry Tanenbaum, Mike Caro, Nolan Dalla, Andy Glazer, Rolf Slotboom, Daniel Negreanu, Jennifer Harman, and the founders Tina and Mark Napolitano. Along with a team of fantastic staff to answer all your live help questions, and also any other suggestions you may have to improve PSO for everyone.

Play on the user Friendly Multi-Player Poker software. Free for everyone to download.

League ranking of your play, a friendly community, one on one mentoring program, interactive ‘pokernite’ sessions, and huge amounts of written lessons, quizzes, and many ways to learn and improve your poker game.

Real Competitions with Play Money! The Best Poker School Online brings a competitive edge to its play money site through, rankings, play money bankrolls and leagues.
Poker School Online ranks its members based on the number of games a member has played in. There is an overall ranking of the members of the school together and then there are league rankings.

If you want to earn an online poker scholarships at Poker school Online, you'll have to prove your worth by joining one of the leagues and be ranked among all of the other members in that league. The competition is stiff but fair, as members are allowed to play in only a set number of games to stay in their league.

The Best Poker School Online provides the top authorities in the poker world to offer tuition to its members via many different methods. You can read the written syllabus of the top writers and then test yourself with multiple choice quizzes. You can listen to their weekly audio poker lesson, interact with some on the software, Join the newly launched mentoring modules for more one on one teaching, or take the book modules while soaking up the knowledge at the same time.

Poker School Online turns everyday people into winning poker players. Practice makes perfect, and you can practice at anytime with some of the best.

The Best Poker School Online promotes an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship through its forum, profile, newsletter and more.

The 2005 PSO LIVE TOUR starts January 2005. You can qualify for the Live Tour Grand Final in any one of the 20 PSO Invitationals that are held during a live poker tournament in a major brick and mortar casino near you, it is also possible to qualify via ‘The Big One V’ held at Poker School Online

In my opinion this is not just the best poker school online its the only poker school online. Hope it helps (I know it will) in your development

Good Luck

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