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Your first visit to a live card room
The explosion of online poker has brought many new players to the game. These new players often wish to take their game onto the live stage, hereís a few tips on what to expect when you enter your first poker club or card room

When you enter casinos or poker clubs for the first time it can be a little intimidating. Knowing what to expect will help you make your transition into playing live poker in poker clubs or card rooms easier.

At first glance upon entering the poker club you will see many poker tables with players seated, chip runners, waitresses, and the management dressed in suits that will welcome you in to the card room. Most clubs aren't quiet; they are more on the lines of a circus than a library. Most people are middle age and at the limits you'll start at, they will be recreational players having fun.

When you enter the card room near the front you will see the "board". This is what they use to keep names of who is waiting to sit down at tables. You will be asked what games you would like to play. If they have a seat available you can go right over, if not they will ask you for your name or initials to place on the board. When your seat is open, they will call your name at which time you should go to where they direct you and sit down.

So now you are at your table at the limit you feel comfortable starting at. The dealer will usually call "chips". A chip runner will come over and ask you how much you would like. Usually this is the way things are done but sometimes you can go to the cashier and get your chips before hand.

The dealer will then ask you if you want to come in now, or come in behind. Coming in behind means coming behind the button. There is debate as to whether you should just join the game or come in behind. If I don't have to post right then (meaning put up a big blind), then I usually just come in. Some people like to come in behind the button just because they don't have to pay the blind quite as fast. Itís your money; therefore it's up to you.

Now the chip runner will bring back your chips, place your chips in a way that you find attractive and then put the rack under your seat for later. Now you are on your own, play steady, watch your opponents and in try to enjoy your time in the poker club.

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