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Noble poker

Noble is setting a new standard for online poker play. This newly launched poker venue offers superb 3D graphics, amazing sound effects, advanced avatar selection and realistic viewing options. There's always exciting ring game and tournament action taking place at Noble

Noble Poker is the leading poker room in the new 'iPoker network' initiative by PlayTech. Noble and the iPoker network have been successful in quickly building a strong network, with the strategic backing from the world’s second largest casino software provider.

When you log-in to Noble Poker's state-of-the-art software, you'll find plenty of Texas Hold'em and Omaha games taking place, at the levels and limits of your choosing. Some of the best players in the world play poker at Noble Poker, including members of the internationally-acclaimed World Poker Team. Whether you're interested in a heads-up competition or a multi-table tournament, you'll find worthy opponents at Noble

At Noble Poker, you don't just get the best tables in the game; you get the best value too, and nothing says it more than the site's outstanding 100% First Deposit Bonus. Simply make your first deposit, play out the required number of raked hands, and you'll be able to claim your bonus up to $700 – free – the largest bonus on the net!

Noble has moderate game variety with Texas Holdem and Omaha Hi-Lo and High, which are available in both limit, pot-limit and Texas Holdem in no-limit as well. Table stakes are from $0.5/$1 to $20/$40 in the fixed games, with $0.25/$0.50 up to $5/$10 in pot/No-limit versions

Noble has quite soft games. Most of the volume is in the no-limit Texas Holdem games where the view flop percentage is normally is the late 40's. The players are mostly quite passive, so it is quite easy to be a winning player. The potential for the iPoker network to build soft games is very good as they recruit from the large PlayTech online casino base.

Noble Poker and the iPoker network have about 200-350 ring game players at peak hours.

The traffic at the tournaments is higher than at cash games when real money traffic can reach somewhere around 400-700 players at peak hours.

Noble Poker’s software has an innovative and good interface, with both standard 2D view and 3D view (side view with avatars) and colorful graphics. The functionality is good and the early minor glitches in the software are fixed now.

Noble Poker’s software and players base is part of iPoker, which in turn is developed by PlayTech. The graphics are nice and clear and the functionality is good. Noble Poker has buddy list function, game history function, player notes, lots of options for music/sounds/graphics/etc, pot- and no-limit ring games, live floor managers and all types of tournaments

Customer services
Great options with 24/7 telephone support as well as live online and email support at Noble


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