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Poker's The Grand Tournament II - the first online poker event ever to run over two days - has been settled, and success is a fact! A starting field of 516 players brought the total prize pool up to a staggering $516,000

everton1x emerged as winner. In the first edition of the Grand Tournament, winner arttu5 brought home $73,000. This time around, first prize went up considerably - to a whopping $129,000!

The Grand Tournament will return soon, and so will the Grand Tournament Freerolls. Stay tuned for more information!
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The Poker is one of the latest poker rooms to open. What makes this site stand out from the crowd is that it offers online poker without the need for downloading any poker room software. The entire game is played through your browser window using Java.

This online poker site has managed to get real soft games over the last 6 months with their huge traffic increase. is the best choice for Mac-users, who can play without any special installs. offers great statistical analysis of your game and an open database of the hands played at the site. The games have become very juicy lately where soft games are found even up to $5/$10 no-limit Texas Holdem.

The traffic at poker is concentrated to the Holdem and tournament section. A large proportion of the games are short-handed tables with 5 or 6 players Real money player statistics - March 2005: 2300-2700 ring game players at peak hours, 4000-6000 tournament players at peak hours.

A great variation they offer is the lite version. The graphics are crisper than most other online sites and the game runs a lot smoother than in download versions. The lite version allows people with slower connections to play at the Poker Room online. There is also a download version as well, which has very nice graphics.

Good variety of games are on offer, Texas Holdem. Pot- and no-limit games as well as Omaha and seven-card stud (both Hi and Hi-Lo) were launched in the spring and summer 2004. (Omaha is both available in fixed-, pot- and no-limit where the no-limit version is rather unusual for Omaha, in particular in the Omaha High version).

Widely regarded as one of the leaders with its clean, sleek and reliable graphics and software. The software is available as both Java applet and as standard Windows download. The Java version is a great feature for Linux and Mac users who otherwise need a Windows emulator. The Java version is also for certain users who cannot download programs to the computer. The lobby is a bit tricky to use, as you need to click on each table to get the full statistics.

Customer services
There are both live chat and telephone support 24/7 plus email support, which is reasonably quick.


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