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find a rule of poker, poker hands, and poker variations I have simplified them.

To find or learn a rule of poker Just click on your chosen poker variation. Its best to start learning from the begining, so this is the place.

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Rules Of Holdem
Rules Of Omaha
Rules of Seven Card Stud
Rules of Five Card Stud
Poker Variations

Feel free to download Roberts rules of poker (pdf document)
These rules are autherised by Robert Ciaffone, better known if the poker world as Bob Ciaffone, a leading authority on cardroom rules

Also make sure you check out this site brings you basic poker rules and information about card and tile games from all parts of the world.

You may not need a rule of poker, if you are happy and understand the game, you may want to practise and improve your skills playing free poker at our
Play Money tables or one of my recommended online card rooms!

Or to learn more Poker strategy and a varied choice of instruction books or software, browse my poker strategies page
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