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MY RULES OF POKER. My Poker strategy & the poker rules I follow.
Free online poker advice. Read how I'm making a living playing online poker

Anyone can learn poker rules and the poker strategies to help them win...

but not everyone becomes a long-term winner!

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No Clue on writing, just the rules of poker

Before we get to my poker rules, I need to warn you that!

I have not enlisted the help of any ‘wiz kids’ or poker Professional’s. Therefore all you are going to get from My Rules Of Poker is hard facts.
I'm simply telling you what I have learned and how I go about making a living from this game.

Moreover, if I’m really honest with myself (by the way that’s a key ingredient to successful poker, online or off), I am still learning.
But I am making a living, and here's a great clue for you;
I have still had time to build this web site, and let you in on the secrets.

Secrets that are mainly aimed at winning at onlne poker over a long period of time. We are not talking here about basic poker strategy, although that does play a big part, I am talking about disciplines and strategies that will get you results over months and years, not days.

Obviously you are not all going to play poker online for a living. Some of you may only have a limited amount of time to play, and that’s fine. Just follow My Rules Of Poker and you will have a second income from a hobby that you enjoy.

Oh, and one more thing, if like me you’re fed up with all the slick presentations where the punch line is ‘buy this & make your fortune’ or ‘be the best at’ kinda stuff, then, read on my friend.

All you get from my rules of poker is straightforward honest info, on what I did to become successful and my rules of poker to help you survive the very competitive world of online poker.

Nevertheless, to be totally honest with you (and I will always try to be honest with you), the main reason for building My Rules Of Poker is a selfish one. I simply wanted ‘to see if I could’.

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Ready to hear what happened to me? Ok, let’s go.

Not unlike many thousands of other Poker Players, I kinda fell in to Online Poker.

There was nothing interesting on the TV, so I switched on the World Poker Tour. Only to be totally hooked by the sheer power of the game. I was spellbound by the level of skill involved, and the stakes they were playing for (although nothing by today’s standard).

There was Phil Helmuth staring into the soul of his opponent, it seemed like he was trying to read the guy’s mind. I saw a man named Ivey raise the pot with nine high, crazy fool! But to my shock and admiration, he took the money down.

The more I watched, the more I thought “ That’s sooooooo easy, I Gotta have some.


"Here I’d like to point out a simple fact that seems not to register with a large percentage of new on-line players (myself included). If you are just starting out in online-poker and playing small to medium limits, forget trying to be Phil Ivey, Helmouth, Brunson, or another player you’ve seen on the TV.

The WPT is a very different game. For one thing there’s far more at stake, the players have battled for days to reach the final table of a major event. Also, these players have spent years learning how to read subtle ‘tells’ that simply aren’t available online. So, to start with, unless you have reached the final table of an on-line tournament that ‘means something’, stick to my rules of poker ."


Advertising quickly led me to an online poker site, and I jumped right in with both feet.

"That’s when I broke my first rule of poker. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. -Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)"

Two weeks later and a few hundred dollars lighter the 'fish' swam back under its rock to have a rethink. It was clear to me, that although I knew the rules of poker, I really didn’t have a clue about the strategy required to be a consistent winner at Holdem. I needed my rules of poker.

Yes, I had some good wins, and like most poker players, I would give myself a standing ovation. I was a great player, only just started and winning lots of cash.

Losing at poker "In reality I was losing more than I was winning. The need to be seen as a winner is a strong human trait, and unfortunately, we poker players have an excess of this commodity. Hence the term ‘he/she has it in spades’

Everyone’s a winner…Not… so stick to my rules of poker."


Divine intervention occurred in the form of my wife, who, fed up with the constant mutterings in my sleep, (when I occasionally found my way to bed that is) bought me a copy of a book called Super System, written by the great Doyle Brunson. Poker players commonly know this book as the bible, and for the next week, it really did become my bible. Some of the basic stuff it taught me such as ‘position’ and ‘the ‘starting hands’ was god send’.


"This may seem funny but I had been blissfully unaware of these basic strategies".


So I read the bible and put it into practice, but I didn’t stop there I read every book I could find or buy on the subject. I think this may be one of the main reasons for my success. After reading all the angles and trying them out, I really learned what worked for me! (my rules of poker were starting to take shape)

My First Rule of Poker covers this subject, pointing towards the best tools for learnig poker strategy and online poker preparation.

“This is not the whole story by far, but its extremely important, you must have a game plan, a way of playing poker, and that game plan must be adaptable”.


The next part of my story comes in the form of my rules of poker. These rules explain what I did next and the rules that I follow.


MY RULES OF POKER will always be a work in progress. As I develope a new strategy or interesting concept I will share it with you on this site. Keep up to date, add to your favourites, and subscribe to our news letter and RSS feed.

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My First Rule Of Poker
By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
-Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

My Second Rule Of Poker
Define your basic style of play.
A penny saved is easier than a penny earned.

My Third Rule Of Poker
Choose the right game
Fish all the best spots.

My Fourth Rule Of Poker
Keep a ‘book’
Get the advantage over your foe’s

My Fifth Rule Of Poker
Record your data.
Keeping yourself honest.

My Sixth Rule Of Poker
Online discipline
Stick to your game plan

My Seventh Rule Of Poker
Learn how to play for the online poker tournament money.
Poker tournament fundamentals
Advanced tournament plays
Rebuy poker tournaments
Poker satellite tournaments

My Eigth Rule Of Poker
Coming next
strategy online cash games

My Rules Of Poker

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