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True is positioned as the "real deal" poker room, with high-end graphics, avatars and sound effects. With recent enhancements to the software, the speed of the games are now good, making True Poker a very good choice for players looking for great 3D-feel.

True launched in May 2001 and has been heavily marketed to reach a top 6-10 spot in terms of traffic

True has an average of 4000 unique players on the site in any given 24 period, meaning there's always a game or a tournament to join. Real money players play an average of 1004 raked hands per month. The top 125 players play an average of 2,400 raked hands per month Over 17 MILLION hands have been dealt and over 33,000 tournaments played! There are many play money tables.

A selection of 3-D avatars to choose from - allowing you to select a personality that best suits your playing style.Sound effects and live chat with other players - makes the game feel like you are in a real poker room.

The game variety at True is limited to only hold'em and Omaha Hi and Hi-Lo. (Partly since stud requires the player to see the others' upcards across the table, which is harder from the "frog view".) There are a few sit and go single-table tournaments, but the focus is on scheduled tournaments, which are multi-table. The tables seem to be at an average skill level, with view flop percentages in full hold'em tables going up to the 40-ies and low 50-ies.

Software offers a unique real feel experience, as you have a "frog view" perspective looking over the table with a circle of players from your position and your hole cards facing down! There is a learning and ajustment curve here, but well worth it in the long run. All players, including the dealer are avatars.

There is a classic offline tell you can spot on True Poker, namely the "color check" as people pick up their cards with three cards of the same color on the board, to check if they have a flush draw. This phenomenon goes also for certain other draws.

There is a log of all betting actions, that shows who bets and calls and how much. There is also a player notes function.An interesting fact is that David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth have been consulted for TruePoker to develop an anti-collusion system, with automatic flagging of suspicious activity to be review by the security team.

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Good support, with live hosts, telephone and e-mail support


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